Office #253

This spacious interior office comes fully furnished for 2 people with room for a lounge area to indulge in a coffee or tea break or your lunchtime social media surfing on the complimentary Wi-Fi, a meeting table, or even more work spaces for up to 2 more people! Interior suites have no windows, which make them ideal for the “cave-dweller” that wants to sit in peace and quiet and really get down to brass tax. All of our offices come fully furnished, so it’s as simple as plug, play, and away you go! Heard enough? Fill out your application today!

220 Sqft.

$900.00 Plus GST


Looking For Something Specific?

In today’s world, it can be so easy to plug in and check out. Looking for some human contact? Give us a call at the office today and begin your journey with The Calgary Business Centre with a real connection and personal conversation. 

We take a personal interest in all our tenants, past, present, and future! Call us today and let us get excited with you about your goals and drea

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