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No Obligation Day Offices

Our No Obligation Day Offices allow prospective clients and virtual tenants to get a taste of what renting your very own Private Office would be like at a fraction of the cost! They have flexible uses which can cater to every type of person! 

  • Home businesses looking to hire staff? Use a Day Office to exude a more professional appearance for interviews! 
  • Real Estate Agent on the go? Tired of signing documents in the backseat of your car? Meet clients in a centrally located, professional environment where they can sign the documents that unlock their future! 
  • University students, freelance journalists, authors and other creatives! Want the coffee shop feel without the noise and distraction? Free coffee, tea, and Wi-Fi are included in your Day Office Rental. Get away from the distractions of home and the noise of a coffee shop and let the creativity flow freely with privacy, peace, and quiet in one of our stylish rooms! 


Day offices start at as little as $10/hour. Stay the whole day and get 2 hours free! Day rates starting from $60, with multi-day discounts available. 

Meeting Room Rentals

The Meeting Room 201 here at the Calgary Business Centre is perfect for bigger groups and brainstorming. The space comfortably accommodates 4-6 people with a beautiful view out our front windows to keep inspiration and collaboration flowing. 

Starting from just $20/hour, our meeting room is an affordable, comfortable and professional space to really get things done! Want to use it for the whole day? Get 1 hour free with day rates of $150/day with multi-day discounts available! 

Classroom Rentals

The Calgary Business Centre offers 2 Executive Boardrooms. Bring structure to your small business with a focused space for team collaboration and get your employees in the right headspace to have an awesome day! Free Wi-Fi, coffee and tea are just the beginning of what you get with our Executive Boardrooms! 

With your rental, you get: 

  • Multimedia hookups 
  • White boards and markers 
  • Space for up to 10 people 
  • Free Wi-Fi 
  • Free Coffee and Tea 


Wanting to start a business? Have a product that needs backers? Book our boardroom for a pitch meeting! Professional appearance and preparedness is all part of the long term goal! 

Prices start from $30/hr. Need more time? Day rates are $200/day. 

Looking For Something Specific?

In today’s world, it can be so easy to plug in and check out. Looking for some human contact? Give us a call at the office today and begin your journey with The Calgary Business Centre with a real connection and personal conversation. 

We take a personal interest in all our tenants, past, present, and future! Call us today and let us get excited with you about your goals and dreams and play a part in making them come true! 

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