December 29, 2016


Startup companies have made a huge name for themselves in recent decades, especially in the current era of young people looking for constant change. Though every business begins somewhere, startup is the term “traditionally” coined for those businesses anticipating rapid growth, run by people who usually have foregone the stability of a steady job. Startups aim to expand exponentially over the first few years, taking innovation and ambition to another level.

Undoubtedly, startups are a risky business venture that take more guts than most in today’s unstable markets. Without the proper access to sufficient funding, organization and management skills, and raw talent, startup companies do not always survive past their fifth year.

One problem startups often run into is having a viable, steady income over time. The beginning stages of any startup comes with huge overhead costs from marketing to running an office. Some of these expenditures are unavoidable and cannot be cut down on. Others, however, can be greatly reduced, while maintaining quality.

The Calgary Business Centre is a simple way to reduce the costs for a startup company by sharing the common area of a workplace with other professionals in industries across the board. By using a private office space instead of a conventional office, the price of owning or renting an office space decreases greatly. Not to mention the time and stress saved on having to maintain and clean a work environment. Private office spaces are fit with all of the amenities necessary for a productive work space including different seating styles, print and mail stations, ultra fast wifi with an unlimited fiber backbone, a personalized IP based phone system and a high-tech building security system.

Not only are private offices decked out with office essentials, but they also contain different areas for specific uses. There are locked offices, large or small tables and desks, conference rooms with projectors, and open areas to hold events. When building a startup, lots of vital meetings and events must take place in order to expand as quickly as possible. Private office spaces allow your startup to have a professional feel when presenting to future clients and partners, which could be the difference between taking your startup to the next level.

Another huge advantage to Private office spaces is that these future clients and partners have the potential to be from relationships built while working in the business centre. Our environment greatly expands personal and professional networks through the constant collaboration with other professionals in the centre.

Startup companies are designed to swiftly grow as efficiently as possible. There is no better way to do so than to cut costs in a productive way at the beginning of a sometimes daunting venture. The Calgary Business Centre allows for a high quality work spaces constructed for maximum productivity, as well as a host of essential business amenities at a fraction of the cost to a traditional office environment. Let the Calgary Business Centre give your startup a flexible and cost effective workspace to launch from.

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