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Share my Office exists to help startup businesses find a cost effective home. They do this because they believe the quicker a business moves out of a spare bedroom or garage (think Apple) the quicker they grow and prosper. We’re business accelerators.

When starting out, running a business from home might seem like an obvious and cheap solution, but it holds you back. If nothing else there are challenges around credibility, work life balance and simple suitability.

On the other hand, giving a business a proper home can have a dramatic impact on its growth. The simple act of leaving the house and going to work can make a startup business feel more real. They know with their own business it made a huge difference.

Based in Scotland their service is global and they’re growing, with space currently being advertised on just about every continent. They want to be the world’s go-to shared office space website so why not jump in and advertise your space today?



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