December 29, 2016



Although most of the business world is focused on gaining the biggest revenue possible for the benefit of the corporation’s employees, owners, and shareholders, not all companies have the same goal in mind. Nonprofit organizations focus on creating revenue for a specific cause or mission, instead of personal gain. These organizations and companies focus their efforts on raising funds that they technically will never see, but that will in someway benefit others.

Starting up and maintaining the success of a nonprofit is often difficult because there is not a steady inflow of money to sustain the never ending costs of running a business. There has to be careful, detailed planning on every aspect within the nonprofit, to ensure that there will be viable sources of income in order to raise money for the mission and ensure that there will be sufficient funds for marketing, expansion, and a workplace.

One easy place to reduce costs your office space.  Although straightforward because of the numerous components to a work space, cutting corners in the workplace can lead to a loss in functionality, and in turn diminish the productivity of the space.

Calgary Business Centre is the perfect solution for nonprofit organizations because of the ample reduction in overhead prices, with the benefits of a high quality, flexible, and cost effective office solution. We offer a new new spin on the traditional workplace, while taking away the headache of maintaining a conventional office.

We are located within walking distance of the downtown and fit with luxuries not always possible when owning or renting your own office. From fiber connected internet and ultra fast wifi, to printing and mail rooms, our personalized IP phone system, all of the necessities for a practical office space are provided. Because you are not in charge of maintenance of the amenities, there is more time to focus on what really matters: making your nonprofit successful.

The Calgary Business Centre’s offices also come equipped with different seating and meeting places that serve to aid you in productivity no matter what style works best for you. High quality, large conference rooms, comfortable seating, and projectors, allow for the ideal meeting space for the many presentations necessary for funding a nonprofit.

A business centre environment is an ideal option for running a nonprofit organization mainly due to the modern workplaces’ practicality.  The ability to hold events and meetings in the same space as you work on a daily basis, without having to maintain the space, is unlike any comparable workspace. Nonprofit organizations have more important things on their plate than the worry of where and how the ceaseless work will be completed. Give the Calgary Business Centre a try.

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