How to Gain More Likes to #FacebookFanpages

How to Gain More Likes to #FacebookFanpages

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Facebook fan pages increase potential of your online presence reaching unlimited fans. Many fan page owners don’t have a clue on what it takes to get more likes. Creativity, effort and persistence are the keys to Facebook fan page marketing success.

Engaging Content

Content is king on the Internet. Whether it’s a blog post, article, press release or post made to your profile or fan page, it’s a form of updated content. Search engines spiders scour the web looking for new and informative content. Whenever you publish new content to your fan page, you greater the likelihood of someone who has never seen your page before to potentially click ”LIKE.” Should they find the content posted to your fan page wall interesting over a period of time, look forward to free advertising from your Facebook fans, by way of them reposting your Facebook fan page wall posts to their profiles and encouraging their family and friends to be a part of your page. However, in order to keep the masses coming back for more, your content must be interesting.

Search Engine Optimization

The name you create for your Facebook fan page is one way to get good rankings in search engines. The second step to optimizing a Facebook fan page for good positions in search engines such as Microsoft”s Bing, Google and YaHoO! is to fill out the “about” section of your fan page. It’s okay if you’d like to add a hashtag or two in the about section. Don’t get too happy and make it look spammy. The third step to optimizing your fan page for search engines is to watch the video below for more info. It explains the importance of adding little things to your fan pages to get better rankings.

Video and Infographics

Video engages people faster than published blogs and websites content. Whether it’s a video from YouTube shared to your fan page wall, videos directly uploaded to your Facebook account, and entertaining video clip from Vimeo or LiveLeak, people will definitely take the time to view the video and discuss it with their Facebook family and friends. Creating and sharing engaging video content about your online business on your Facebook fan page will drive traffic to your site. The key to success in this is keep creating engaging videos and emphasize how your videos can benefit others.

Infographics are a wonderful way to demonstrate what you’re talking about. Just like the awesome power of online video, infographics are a creative means of effectively conveying messages. They’re also a creative tool to use in possibly boosting business to your site. Don’t overlook using infographics for your site and sharing your infographic to your Facebook fan page wall.


You will not succeed in getting new likes on Facebook fan pages by posting one to two times daily. People are engaged deeply with fan pages and Facebook fan page owners when content is posted frequently. Whether you’re posting a video, info graphic or text to your fan page wall at high noon or 3 a.m., the persistence of continually posting meaningful content and posting content anytime of the day is what keeps people coming back. People are attracted not only by meaningful content posted to the fan page wall, but they also quietly measure the persistence of content posted. This is a determining factor when people decide if they should give you their business from things you post to your Facebook account. With all of this said, let your creativity take you to new heights as a Facebook marketer. Lastly, have patience in the process of building your business from scratch using Facebook marketing, because succeeding on the Internet is not an overnight operation. It involves a lot of work, but is also a labor of love. All good things come to those who wait and work faithfully in their business building ventures.

Building a business from scratch will teach patience and also test your character to see what you’re made of as an entrepreneur in longevity. This is why it’s important to be persistent. When things don’t come into fruition when you want, the mind, spirit and body can become totally frustrated in most cases. If you believe you have a long-term vision and don’t mind waiting it out by playing it day by day and building your online business through effective Facebook fan page marketing step-by-step and learn to crawl before you can walk, you’ll possibly find yourself more successful than originally hoped for. But it all requires faith and consistent works additionally to long-term positive thinking.



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