December 31, 2016


Freelancers are a unique group of working people, constantly growing in numbers around the world. A freelancer is an individual who is self employed and able to change employers freely, without long-term contracts holding them back. This type of employment is a great option for people across nearly every sector, especially in writing, editing, photography, web and graphic design, and consulting, though the possibilities are endless.

The benefits of freelancing are numerous. Besides the obvious ability to not be tied down by one employer, freelancers are able to work more flexible hours than those working a traditional nine to five job. This is a huge plus for working parents, students, and people who are more creative than a conventional job allows. Freelancing also grants people the opportunity to chase a career that they are passionate about, but may not easily find steady work in. Additionally, freelancers are able to do most of their work wherever they choose.

Working from home or out of the local coffee shop is an enticing option for many freelancers. The reality is there are so many distractions in these spaces, often work is not completed as efficiently as it could be in another environment.

The solution? Calgary Business Centre.

The Calgary Business Centre provides a fantastic solution for independent workers looking for a space that is comfortable, relaxed, and high quality. It is the ideal solution for freelancers because like job itself, co-working spaces are flexible. There are no long-term contracts and have been designed with the needs of creative individuals in mind.

Most freelancers will agree that it is hard to find inspiration when working in a space that lacks just that. Our office spaces are loaded with amenities that assist in fostering the potential that may be untapped otherwise. Different seating styles, like personal desks, large tables and lounge chairs provide opportunity for people to work how they prefer. A kitchen, mail service, wireless access, and print stations are just some of the entities available that make the Calgary Business Centre the perfect balance of home office meets traditional workplace.

For creative individuals like freelancers, their workplaces should be just as flexible as their job description. Calgary Business Centre offers a distraction-free, no strings attached, exciting space to achieve success. This innovative style of work is a no brainer when it comes to deciding where to get the job done!

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