10 Good Reasons to Use a Virtual Office.

10 Good Reasons to use a Virtual Office

10 Good Reasons to use a Virtual Office

Virtual Offices are a very unique and powerful tool for businesses.  Whether you are launching your fledgling start-up, expanding into new markets or simply don’t require physical office space, a Virtual Office can be an ideal solution.

Here are 10 good reasons why a Virtual Office can benefit you and your business;

1. Keep Working From Home

Over the past decade working from home has developed into an acceptable way to conduct business, especially among freelancers and new business owners. Working from home is no longer seen as a business solution, but a lifestyle choice. There’s a common misconception associated around home-based businesses that they lack professionalism, capability and reliability. This misconception can drive clients away from conducting business with you, as many of them would rather collaborate with a business located at a well-known office address and with a live person answering the phone. A Virtual Office creates a professional, client facing, solution to combat these perception problems.

2. Save Your Capital
Small businesses and start-ups are often eager to expand, but don’t have the capital to justify having an “official” office space. Regardless of the reason, moving to a traditional office address is often a priority. When this isn’t possible, a virtual office is perfect for the first stages of business development.

3. Grow Into It
If you have a virtual office and want to move into a traditional office space, operators such as the Calgary Business Centre can provide a private office in the same location as your registered Virtual Office address, temporarily or longer term. Transitioning from a Virtual Office to a Private Office can be seamless and it removes the hassle when changing your information on business cards and promotional materials.

4. Test Your Market
If your looking to expand your business into a new market, a virtual offices can be an ideal solution.  Start-up costs are a fraction of the cost of a traditional office, your new office can be up and running within the day and you don’t need to commit to any long term contracts, leases, internet, staff and so on.

5. Decreased CO2 Emissions
The long-term effects of global warming are serious. In recent years, businesses have begun to step up their game and make positive changes. Using a virtual office instead of a traditional office space will reduce your CO2 contribution.

6. Reduced Transportation Costs
Transportation is often a huge expense. Virtual offices significantly cut down transportation costs, which allow you to invest your money elsewhere.

7. Increased Productivity
Many people struggle to work efficiently when they constantly have managers looking over their shoulder. While virtual offices make it difficult for you to keep an eye on your staff, the level of productivity is often increased as workers feel more relaxed and engaged.

8. Administrative Support 
Most business centres have the ability to provide administrative support and services if required. With a virtual office solution, there is no need to hire your own staff to answer your phone or receive mail….this can translate into huge savings for your business.

9. Savings on Office Equipment
Buying office equipment is one of the largest overhead expenses that you can incur. In many instances, printers, fax machines, copiers, etc., sit idle and depreciate quietly and eventually need to be replaced….for many this is just not a good use of precious capital.  Business centres generally provide fully equipped back office systems to support your business and allow you to focus on your business, not your photocopier.

10. Flexibility Means Less Vacation Days

Working remotely creates an enormous amount of flexibility.  Often family, work and social responsibilities can easily be managed and can co-exist when the 9 to 5 workday is eliminated. Many people find the time between 6 am and noon is the most productive part of the day.  Why not work when your most productive and play when your lest focused and winding down, i just makes sense….it’s not rocket science.  .

Whatever your needs are and if you don’t absolutely have be at work, in the office, sitting at your desk, then a virtual office could be a very good solution for you and your business.


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